Property Assessment Prior To Purchase

It can be extremely difficult to get a good deal on a property in the fast moving Edinburgh market, particularly If you are based elsewhere or do not have the expertise to assess a property’s potential.
Both Ewen (owner of a successful building company In Edinburgh for many years) and Gillian (an award winning interior designer and marketing professional) will visit any property you are interested in purchasing to determine whether it represents a profitable investment.

One-off Fee

For a one-off fee of just £150, we provide a comprehensive report within 24 hours which gives our personal view on the location, the building, the property itself, the expenditure required to bring it up to a quality standard (both in terms of building and interior costs) and a summary of the pros and cons of the property. We will also give you outline figures as to the likely income you can expect if you were to rent out the property on a long term or holiday rental basis.

This information will help you come to an informed decision as to whether to try to purchase the property as well as helping you to determine a sensible price to offer.